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The Beer Clip

Bottle Opener or Personalized Money Clip?

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The Beer Clip
The BeerClip is a handy little accessory with two very important purposes – holding onto money and opening beer bottles. I’m torn over which is more important.
As a money clip it’s a pretty standard piece. It’s slightly heavier than it looks with a strong “clippiness” that grabs hold of your money and won’t let go until you want it to. Each clip can be personalized with the owner’s initials and a couple dozen logos available at BeerClip.com.

The bottle opening bit is carried out via a notch cut in the hinge side. It took me a couple of tries to figure out how to hold the bottle and the opener right so that the beer didn’t slosh and foam when I opened it. But since I worked out how to pry it against the heal of my hand it’s become one of my favorite openers. Given its peculiar shape as an opener it requires less length to comfortably pry off a crown cap and fits easily in the pocket.

Now if I could just get some money to put in the clip. Apparently that's sold separately.
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