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Different Brewing Styles of Germany

Beer unquestionably plays an integral part in German identity, both locally and internationally. Until the resurgence of creative brewing methods in the late-20th century and to some even to today, Germany is and has been considered by many to be the international capital of beer. 

Beer Spotlight10

Pale Ale - Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is an early example of an American pale ale, a style modeled after earlier British pale ales that reinvented a two hundred year old style with the addition of more generous servings of local Pacific Northwest hops.

Bottle Conditioning Beer

Bottle conditioning is the process where a beer's residual yeast is given a second helping of sugars, added directly to the bottle, keg, or vessel.

Brettanomyces Yeast

"Brett" gets its name from the Greek for "British fungus" at one point in time associated with British old stock ale. It is nowadays most commonly recognized as the yeast responsible for the more floral and tart character of Belgian lambic beers.

Offland IPA - Montauk Brewing Company

Offland IPA is one of four regular beers that Montauk Brewing Company currently brews, only two of which are packaged for sale outside of their brewery


Bock beer is traditionally lightly hopped, has a strong malt sweetness and is relatively strong in alcohol, ranging from over six to around eight percent alcohol by volume.


Dunkels, the German word for dark, is a Bavarian style of brewing beer that for a good deal of its history was Bavaria's go-to, everyday beer.

Black IPA - Otter Creek Brewing

As with all of Otter Creek Brewing's beers, Black IPA is small-batch brewed with locally sourced malt and hops, Vermont water and Otter Creek Brewing's own strain of yeast.

Tart of Darkness - The Bruery

When creating Tart of Darkness, The Bruery brewed a stout, then aged it in old barrels used to age other beers with souring bacteria and wild yeasts resulting in a sour stout.

Ommegang - Fire and Blood

As part of a collaboration with HBO series Game of Thrones, Ommegang Brewery released Fire and Blood, a red ale brewed with rye, spelt and ancho chilies which represent her three dragons

Aventinus - Schneider Weisse

Aventinus (labeled TAP6) is one of nine top-fermented wheat beers produced by G. Schneider & Sohn, a Bavarian brewing company in Munich, Germany.

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