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Readers Respond: Got a favorite chocolate beer? Tell us about it.

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From the article: Chocolate Beer
Chocolate beer - you either love it or you've never tried it. Got a favorite chocolate beer? Tell us about it.


An ultimate dessert beer. Smooth, silky -- liquid chocolate mousse. It's almost not beer-like. Definitely worth trying as an after-dinner treat
—Guest Timbo

Terrapin Brewing Moo-Hoo Chocolate Stout

From Athens, GA comes a very tasty chocolate milk stout.
—Guest aaron

777 brew in Vegas

The BEST beer I ever drank! A chocolate IPA. They call it Halo Bender ,I call it Great. If in Vegas you must try it at The Main Street Station in old downtown.

Several favorites

Youngs is an outstanding Chocolate beer. Sam Adams has released a Chocolate Bock that was fanstasic as well. But most recently I discovered Dieu de ciel Aphrodisiaque that was amazing!!! Brewing with chocolate is a real challenge. Much harder than it sounds.
—Guest Glueslug

The Round Barn Brewery's Cocoa Stout

I recently discovered this in Baroda, MI. I'm not the biggest beer drinker. I usually stick to lighter beers. But this has won my heart. I can't wait to enjoy this on a Lake Michigan summer night!
—Guest Geri

favorite chocolate beer

Young's Double Chocolate Stout is my favorite chocolate stout.
—Guest Celeste Goff


Don't forget about Southern Tier's decadent 'Choklat' - at 10% ABV, it's a hefty dessert in a bottle.
—Guest Shawn Connelly

Foothills Brewing Sexual Chocolate

I've had Foothills "Sexual Chocolate". Besides a great name this is a very nice beer. You can taste the chocolate in it without it being overpowering and sweet. One glass is enough for me but it is Well worth seeking out
—Guest Jon

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