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Reader Stories: Tell us all about your beer blog.


Beer bloggers are a passionate lot. Whether they are reviewing a new beer, describing their visit to a legendary brewpub or discussing the latest controversy in the business of beer, bloggers' passion for the mighty malted beverage shines through.

Beer House Blog

My blog is an all encompassing beer blog. I write beer reviews, I post funny ads and commercials, I write opinion pieces and informational pieces and, for everything else, there is beerology. Cheers!…More

US Beer Tour

I taste and review beer wine and spirits being made in all corners of the United States. In addition I talk about the unique character of each place I visit and how the land, culture and people come …More

Beers and Dogs

I consider myself an expert on beer, both brewing and consuming. I quit brewing and now I like to write about beer from a consumer standpoint and not about Plato, water chemistry, etc. I'm also a sel…More

40 Liter Starter

I cover the day-to-day life of a professional brewer, what I did to get hired, the differences between brewing at home and brewing professionally, useful resources and organizations for the aspiring …More

Let's Talk About Beer

When we visit breweries across the nation, I blog about each one. I also do research to keep readers involved with the breweries on my roster. Now that I'm in Alaska, I find subjects to write comment…More

Estonian Beer Guide

News & related from Estonia and all over the world. Everything about beer: new releases from breweries, beer festivals, reviews. We do not forget history, future and the present time. Beer is a very …More

Major League Brewer

This is a site that I created for professional brewers and amateurs (for that matter) to have a platform to discuss, learn and enjoy the art and science of brewing beer. I will offer an online forum …More


Adventure sports and beer. They just go together so well. We have a collection of pictures and stories from people as they ski, hike, trek, bike, and climb their way across the globe with a beer in h…More

Beer around the world

This blog will mainly document the beers I drink as part of my quest to drink a beer from every country in the world. There will also be some thoughts, questions and rambling posts about beer along t…More


BarleyWhine.com brings experienced beer geeks with independent, original, even cantankerous takes great beers. Our emphasis is on rare, limited release craft beers, not available to everyone. Read us…More


Beer reviews, bar reviews, brewery reviews, beer store reviews, beer info, bar info, brewery info, beer store info, beer related event info, beer products. Focusing on the North County San Diego area…More

The Land of The Rising Suds

All things related to the craft beer scene in Japan. This includes visits and impressions of microbreweries, examinations of Japanese beer drinking culture, beer reviews, and advice on locations that…More

the Pear Report

How to behave in a beer bar and any bar, beer reviews minus the typical fluff (no talk of banana on the nose or hints of clove) with an honest sass, beer of the year, style descriptions, current even…More

Man/Beer Love

We do beer reviews, beer event reports, observations about the industry, and write about everything we love that we can relate to craft beer. We're very passionate and outspoken.We plan to film lots …More

Buffalo Beer and Food

We will review local brews, bars, and restaurants. We will also feature "off topic" beer related articles. We will attend exclusive tastings and most local beer related events and write informative a…More

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