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Beer: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How Would You Define Craft Beer? It May Be...
The term 'craft beer' is used a lot, but what does it actually mean? Is it based on the size of a brewery or their craftsmanship? Is all craft beer good?
Did Ben Franklin say "Beer is proof that god...
This quote is often attributed to Ben Franklin but, did he really say it?
Ales and Lagers: Learn About Popular Beer Styles
Navigating the world of beer begins with the basic knowledge of the two styles of beer: ale and lager. Learn the differences and begin exploring beer.
"What Beer Should I Serve at My Super Bowl...
Picks and Recommendations for Beer and Your Super Bowl Party
A Beginner's Exploration into the Great Beers...
The range of German beer stretches far beyond the popular pilsner and includes many fascinating styles that every beer lover should begin to explore.
Like Lime in Your Summer Beers? Mix Up This...
The Chelada is a quick mixed drink that pairs your favorite Mexican beer or light lager with fresh lime juice and it is a refreshing summer drink.
Why Is Beer Fizzy?
Ever wonder how do bubbles get into beer? Here's what makes beer fizzy.
What is malted barley?
How is barley malted and why? Beer.
Your Complete Guide to Beer Nutrition
What's in your beer? Have you ever wondered what you beer might be doing to your body? Here's a break down of what's in your pint, how much of it's in there and what it can do to (or for) you.
The Top 10 Beers That Every Beer Lover Should...
From the About.com guide for beer, here are the top ten beers with which every beer lover should be familiar. Beer novices, here's a good list to use to start exploring different types of beers. Beer snobs, check out this collection then share your own top ten.
The Perfect Summertime Beer Drink: A Refreshing...
It's summer and it is time for an ice cold beer, but what about shaking up your routine and pouring yourself a refreshing Shandy with fresh lemonade?
Everything You Should Know about Wheat Beer...
Introduction to Wheat Beer, Hefeweizen, Berliner Weiss, Dunkelweizen, Weizenbock, Krystal, Belgian wit, and American Wheat.
A Layman's Guide to Stout - Introduction to...
For many people the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the word stout is a black pint of Guinness. But the world of stout is much wider than that. There are many different styles of stout and the variety can be somewhat daunting. Here's an introduction to the different styles of stout.
Explore India Pale Ale (IPA) from its Origins...
The history of this popular ale is as interesting as the hoppy brew itself. Find out why the beer was originally created.
What Drinks Pair Well With Pulled Pork Barbecue?
Beer pairings, wine pairings and cocktail pairings with pulled pork barbecue
10 Gifts That Are Perfect for the Beer Lovers...
Stumped for a gift for the beer lover on your list? Find gift ideas that every beer lover would be delighted to receive for the holidays or any occasion.
How to Taste Beer like a Pro (Not a Bro)
Beer tasting can be an interesting and rewarding way to discover new beers. Here's how.
What is that stuff in the bottom of my beer...
Beer lovers who are paying attention will sometimes notice a thin, white film in the bottom of their beer bottles. This happens most often with wheat beers which, I suppose, led some of them to assume that it is wheat added to the beer “for flavor.” I have heard that explanation more than once. It is not wheat. It is dead or dormant yeast cells and they are supposed to be there.
Beer Pairings for the Four Basic Food Groups of...
I don't know about you but I'm tired of showing up to find nothing available but watery light lager that has no business trying to stand up to powerfully flavored foods like hot wings or these little weenies simmered in barbecue sauce. Here are some beers worthy of the four basic food groups of the Super Bowl Party.
The Beer Lover's Guide to Pilsner
Pilsner beer profiled here
The Light Beer Myth
Is light beer really light? Will drinking it help one lose or maintain weight? Let's take a look at the numbers of light beer.
Why do some brewers use rice or corn in their...
Ever wonder why some brewers use rice and corn in their beer while other brewers stick to more traditional recipes that use 100% barley?
An Introduction to Cooking with Beer
Thinking of trying some beer in your favorite recipe? Here are a few pointers.
Pale Ale
Pale ale is one of the most popular ale styles. But there are about as many different interpretations of this styles as there are breweries. Find out what makes an ale a pale ale as well as the history and brewer stats for this beer.
What's the best serving temperature for beer?
Some brewers and many beer shops boast that theirs is the coldest beer. Is this really something to brag about?
Stout Profile
Stout profiled here. Beer.
Know Your Ale Styles!
Know your ales! Here is a quick run down of popular ale styles from Hefe-Weizen to Barleywine.
Does Anyone Really Know How Many Kinds of Beer...
There are countless bottles of beer available, but how many kinds of beer are there? Though there are distinct styles of beer, that is a tough question.
Beer - Search Results
Having trouble? Here are some helpful suggestions: Check your spelling. Avoid punctuation, and make sure
The Easiest St. Patty's Day Recipe Ever: Green...
Searching for a green beer recipe? Here it is! Though making your own green beer is easier than you may think, it's important to choose the right beer.
Saison Profile
Saison ale profiled here. Beer.
A Homebrewer's Guide to Boiling Wort (It's a...
There is more to boiling wort than turning up the heat and throwing in a few hops. Learn about the boil and how to manage it for greater control.
Get a profile of Porter here. Beer.
Tasting Notes and Review of Negra Modelo
Tasting Notes and Review of Negra Modelo
Brewing 101: Discover How Wort Affects Your...
Wort is the sweet starter liquid for beer. This is where the grains and hops are combined to determine the beer's final flavor and prep it for fermenting.
Beer Measurement: International Bitterness...
International Bitterness Units is the standard measurement of perceived bitterness in beer, a quality imparted by the addition of hops during its brewing process.
Original Gravity, OG
Original gravity, or OG, gives the brewer an idea of the potential alcoholic strength of the final product.
Get Your Boozy Chocolate Fix With These Beers
There's not more decadent of a beer than a chocolate beer. Get your (boozy) cocoa fix with these porters and stouts.
Wheat Beer Profile
Once brewed primarily for royal Bavarian quaffing, wheat beers are now widely interpreted by breweries and even more widely enjoyed by beer drinkers all over the world. Get the highlights of this style in my profile of wheat beer.
Why is Strike Water So Crucial to Brewing Beer?
Strike water is used in brewing beer and it is the name for the warm water that is added to the grain in order to produce a fermentable mash.
Growlers, they're cute, adorable and they can hold lots and lots of beer. Here's how to take care of your growler.
Styles of German Beer
Beer unquestionably plays an integral part in German identity, though different German beer styles and their subtleties are not that widely known to the international beer drinking community.
A Little Beer With Your Shrimp? An Easy Recipe...
Delicious, simple, and a fantastic entree or appetizer, this Beer Steamed Shrimp recipe is a quick way to add flavor to shrimp with your favorite beer.
Information and Review of the Newcastle...
Newcastle DraughtKeg - Information and Review of the Newcastle DraughtKeg
The Next Thing the Successful Homebrewer Wants...
Once you have successfully brewed your own beer you may want to think about growing your own hops. Learn about growing and harvesting hops in your garden.
Texas Beef and Beer Chili
Chili is the perfect food for a picnic, heat it up at home and put in an insulated container to keep warm and it goes great with beer.
The Unlimited Possibilities of Beer Can Chicken
What's the right choice for beer can chicken? Let your imagination go!
Bittering and Flavoring Hops
Understanding how brewers use hops to bitter and flavor their beer.
What is the difference between Scottish and...
The line between Scottish and Scotch ale is a pretty clear one when you compare representatives of the styles side by side.
Hoegaarden White Beer Tasting Notes and Review
Tasting notes and review of Hoegaarden's White Beer.
India Pale Ale (IPA)
Hoppy and malty, fruity and bitter, India pale ale is a more heavily hopped pale ale that was first brewed in the 1700s to be slightly higher levels of alcohol and hops
Top 10 Refreshing Summer Brews for Beer Lovers
Summertime is no time for the dark, chewy beers that many beer lovers prize. Here are some light, refreshing beers that still have enough flavor to keep the most discerning of beer snobs interested.
Alcohol by volume (ABV)
Alcohol by volume defined and how to figure the alcohol by volume in homebrewed beer
What Drinks Pair Well With Dark Chocolate...
Here are some drinks that elevate the chocolate truffle to new heights.
Is my beer vegan friendly?
Did you know that some beers aren't vegan friendly? It seems counter-intuitive at first but it's true.
Beer Batter
Here is a good, basic recipe for beer batter.
Shiner Bock - Tasting Notes and Review of...
Shiner Bock has a medium head that leaves a nice quilt down the sides of the glass as the beer is drunk. Its body is clear with a copper/amber color.
Lambic Beer Profile
Lambic beer is a unique ale and something that every beer lover should try at least once. Check out this profile of lambic Belgian ale.
History of Pilsner
Learn about the history of Pilsner, the most popular beer style in the world.
What's up With the Lime in My Corona Bottle?
Love it or hate it, you have to admit that Corona Extra is a popular beer, but how does it compare to other beers and what's up with that lime?
What You Need to Know to Pair Good Beer With...
Pairing food and beer can enhance any meal experience and it is much easier than wine pairings. Find a few basic tips to create the perfect beer pairings.
Mash Defined. Beer.
Lagers Dominate the Beer Cooler, but What...
Lager is the most common style of beer on today's market. Learn the characteristics of this popular brew, the various styles, and how lager differs from ale.
Bock Profile
Beer Style Profile - Bock, Dunkles Bock, DoppelBock, Double Bock, Helles Bock, MaiBock
Pairing Beer and Chocolate
Thoughts and tips for pairing beer with chocolate.
Goose Island's India Pale Ale
Tasting Notes and Review of Goose Island's India Pale Ale
Tasting Notes and Review of Red Stripe Jamaican...
Tasting Notes and Review of Red Stripe Jamaican Lager
To Pasteurize or Not to Pasteurize, That Is the...
Pasteurizing beer is a controversial topic. Originally designed to increase the shelf life of beer, pasteurization is not as common in brewing as it once was.
Bring Your Black and Tan into the Dessert World
The Black and Red is an easy layered beer drink. It is a twist on the Black and Tan that pour chocolate stout over raspberry lambic and it is delicious.
Kölsch Profile
Kölsch beer profiled here.
Rolling Rock
Tasting Notes for Rolling Rock Lager brewed at Latrobe, PA brewery
Barley Wine Profile
Barley wine is big in every way. It has the highest alcohol content, the greatest malt content, and a larger serving of hops than any beer style out there.
Beer 101: Do You Know What Makes an Ale an Ale?
Ale is a basic style of beer defined by the methods used to brew it. Learn ale's characteristics, styles, and what makes an ale different than a lager.
Brewing Chocolate Beer
Beer is made from four basic ingredients - malted barley, hops, water and yeast. Anything else that finds its way into the brew pot is known as an adjunct.
Here's How to Brew Beer at Home
This is an overview of the process of brewing beer.
Taste the Holiday Spices that Come to Life in...
A favorite beer for winter, Samuel Adams Winter Lager is a seasonal beer that you can rely on and its seasonal spices are perfect for the holidays.
Packaging Beer - Kegs vs. Casks
What's the difference between beer served from a keg and beer served from a cask?
Yeah, I just really don’t like beer.
Sometimes people tell me that they just don't like beer. I tell them that they just haven't found the beer they like yet.
What Distinguishes Hefeweizen From Other Wheat...
Hefeweizen, or weissbier, is the most popular style of wheat beer and it has a few very distinct characteristics that every beer lover should know.
How Did Beer End Up in a Can?
The beer can is a common sight today, yet it is a relatively new invention that posed many challenges to its inventors and went through a few redesigns.
Spring Beer
Looking for some spring beer suggestions? Here are some styles specifically associated with springtime and some others that just seem to taste better during spring.
Are there any good lagers?
Many craft beer fans won't touch lager of any sort. Are they right or are there some good lagers out there?
Make a Yeast Starter for Successful Fermentation
Homebrew Beer Resources - Improve your chances of a healthy fermentation with a big yeast starter. Find pictorial instructions for making a yeast starter here. Make your own beer more successfully and with less chance of infection.
8 coffee beers that pack a serious buzz.
The deep-roasted flavors of dark beers like like stout, Schwarzbier (black lager), and porter lend themselves perfectly to the bitterness of coffee.
Hops - Information about the hop cone, brewing...
Are you a hop-head? Do your knees go a little weak at the aroma of bright, lovely hops in a beer? Here is some hops history, information about growing hop vines and harvesting hop cones, and our favorite hoppy beer styles.
Growler Defined. Beer.
Before You join a Beer of the Month program or...
Thinking of signing up for a beer of the month program? Here's a comparison guide of a few of the beer clubs out there.
Is Samuel Adams Boston Lager an Overrated Beer...
Samuel Adams Boston Lager is one of the most popular American lagers available today. It is the flagship bottle of the brewery and has lovers and haters.
Top 10 Winter and Holiday Beer Recommendations
Ten beer recommendations for your wintertime and holiday celebrations.
What are Trappist beers?
What is it about Trappist beers? What sets them apart from other beers?
What is the Best Beer?
From time to time I get asked what is the best beer. I used to find it an impossible question to coherently respond to until I came up with this answer. The best beer is the one brewed closest to you.
Helles, Dortmunder Export and Pale Lager Style...
With the growing popularity of pilsner lager, thirty years later in the town of Dortmund, Germany, brewmasters began to produce Dortmunder pale lager.
What You Need to Know About 'Chocolate Beer'
Chocolate beer, chocolate malt, and chocolaty beer. What does it all mean? Aren't all chocolate beers the same? Learn what 'chocolate beer' really means.
Packaging Beer - Bottles vs. Cans
What's the difference between beer served from a bottle and beer served from a can?
What is the most important ingredient in beer?
Do you know what the most important ingredient in beer is?
Enjoy the Crisp Apple Hard Cider from Angry...
Angry Orchard is one of the most popular hard ciders on today's market and their flagship, Crisp Apple is a delight to drink, even for the beer lover.
Beer Adjuncts
Four ingredients are necessary to make beer - water, malt, hops and yeast. But there are a lot more things in a lot more beers, aren't there? Let's take a look at the role and variety of beer adjuncts.
Draught Beer Tap Handles
Beer tap handles are ubiquitous fixtures in bars, pubs and restaurants. Here are the different types of handles and how they work.
Bock Beer History
The History of Bock, Doppelbock, Hellesbock and Maibock
Tasting Notes and Review of Bud Light by...
Bud Light Review - see my tasting notes and review of Anheuser-Busch's Bud Light here.
Brown ale style profile
Information about brown ale including history, style points and tasting notes.
Oktoberfest / Maerzen Profile
When a beer style is named for a festival, you know that it's got to be good! Find out about Oktoberfest beer here.
Kölsch is a top-fermented style of brewing beer that originates in Köln (Cologne), Germany. Kölsch style of brewing dates back to the 9th century AD.
How do I brew chili pepper beer?
Want to brew chili pepper beer? Hewe are a few tips.
Einbecker Schwarzbeir
Tasting notes and review of Einbecker Schwarzbier
What is a good beer or beer style for cold...
What's a beer lover to do when it's cold outside? Drink a beer, I say!
Beer and sugar for the homebrewer
Information and tips about the various kinds of sugars available to homebrewers.
Do women like beer?
A lot of people seem to think that this question is already been settled. Women do not like beer. But, is that true? Or maybe it is just that women do not like the bad beer that dominates the market not the way it is sold to them.
Dial-Up a Bottle of '312' for a Nice Introducti...
Look for that bold yellow label and pick up a bottle of Goose Island's 312 Urban Wheat Ale for a good introduction to American craft wheat beers.
When is it okay to drink a beer before noon?
Are there justifiable reasons to have a beer before 5:30? How about before noon? I think I've come up with a few.
Define Drinkability
What does drinkability mean? Here's your answer.
No One Likes Skunked Beer! Learn How to Keep...
Do you ever have more beer than the fridge will hold? Learn how to store your beer properly so it retains its freshness, taste, and avoid skunking.
What Drinks Pair Well With Stuffed Porkchop?
Beer pairings, wine pairings and cocktail pairings for stuffed pork chops.
Stout defined here. Beer.
Tasting Notes and Review of Paulaner Salvator...
Tasting Notes and Review of Paulaner Salvator Double Bock
In Reality, There's No Beer in this 'The Beer...
An interesting book with very little advice for drinking beer and keeping a diet, 'The Beer Drinkers Diet' is honestly a book you could probably skip.
Beer by Committee
Can a big, publicly held company like Anheuser-Busch develop exciting new beers or does the corporate structure inevitably lead to insipid, watery beers?
Tasting Notes and Review of Budweiser by...
Bud Review - see my tasting notes and review of Anheuser-Busch's Budweiser here.
Try Something New and Add a Little Beer to Your...
Learn how to make a beer-basted turkey for Thanksgiving or any special meal using this easy recipe that uses a pale ale and butter baste to add flavor.
Fermentation: what makes a beer a beer
Fermentation is a natural process that does not require the intervention of people but is the by-product of yeast's consumption of sugars.
Original, Final, and Specific Gravity and what...
The alcohol or carbon dioxide content in a beer is determined by the amount of fermentable solids present in the unfermented liquid. This is measured by the original gravity of the liquid.
Know Your Lager Styles!
Know your lagers! Profiles of popular lager styles.
Is a pop-top cap better than a screw-top cap?
Are pop-top style beer bottle caps really superior to screw-tops or is that just a bunch of whooie?
List of Top Ten India Pale Ales
The market for India Pale Ale is the most competitive within American craft brewing being its flagship style.
Beer clean
: Beer clean is a term that is more common in the restaurant industry than in the beer geek community.
Where Can I Find My Favorite Beer? - How to...
Have you been craving a specific beer that you once had in another country or region? Have you been trying to find that certain beer brand to no avail? Here's how to find out if the beer you've been thinking of is available in your area.
Is There Such a Thing as a Good Mexican Lager?
Bohemia Clasica is a popular Mexican pale lager that, while it may not compare to the best lagers in the world, is one of the better options from Mexico.
Your Complete St. Patrick's Day Guide:...
Are you ready for the big day? St. Paddy's can sneak up on you. Here's what you need to know to be ready for the best day in a beer lover's year.
Sauerkraut and Brats with Beer
Recipe for Sauerkraut and Brats with Beer
Craft Beer Review: AleSmith Brewing Company,...
AleSmith's IPA has won multiple awards, including Silver at the California State Fair and at the World Beer Championships and bronze at the Great American Beer Festival in 2005.
Mead, an ancient and elegant drink.
How to Deal with a Stuck Mash
Worried about a stuck mash or trying to solve one? Here are a few pointers for preventing or fixing a stuck mash. Page 2.
About Beer's Panel Review and Tasting Notes for...
About Beer's Panel Review and Tasting Notes for Samuel Adams Octoberfest
Have You Tried a Nitro Beer That Is Not Guinness?
Beer gas is a blend of gas used in draught beers to add a rich creamy texture and thick foam. Inspired by Guinness, there is now a new class of nitro beers.
What are hybrid beers?
Hybrid beers are beers that use yeast from one beer style category and the brewing methods from another.
Lawnmower beer styles
What are your favorite lawnmower beer styles?
Bottle conditioned
What does it mean when beer is bottle conditioned?
Hybrid Beer Styles
Neither lagers nor ales, these unusual beers share characteristics of both. Get to know hybrid beers here.
Flocculate Defined. Beer.
Tasting Notes and Review of Moose Drool
Tasting notes and review of Moose Drool from Big Sky Brewing Co.
Reinheitsgebot - German Beer Purity Law
On April 23rd, 1516, the definition of beer as only consisting of barley, hops and water was formalized in a decree that would became known as the Reinheitsgebot
Beer Festival Survival Guide
Beer festivals are great fun. They offer a chance to try a wide variety of beer and hang out with other beer lovers and brewers. Bigger festivals attract the beer gadgets crowd where you can see a wide variety of useful and useless beer products. And you can literally drink all that you want, usually for just the entrance fee. I can’t think of a better way to spend a few hours.
Will These Little Bottle Caps Save Your Beer?
Beer Savers are silicone bottle caps that are designed to keep your open bottle of beer fresh and prevent it from going flat. The question is, do they work?
Craft Beer Review: Samuel Adams, Double Agent IPL
What happens if you uproot a well established style of beer, giving it an entirely new foundation? This is what Boston Beer Company did with Double Agent, an India pale lager.
Redhook ESB Tasting Notes and Review
Tasting Notes and Review of Redhook ESB
Hard Cider Fans Are Going to Love Angry Orchard...
Angry Orchard Apple Ginger is going to be a hard cider fan's new favorite. The spicy ginger adds a new dimension and makes it a really impressive cider.
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