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Make a Yeast Starter for Successful Fermentation


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Make a Yeast Starter for Successful Fermentation
Make a Yeast Starter for Successful Fermentation

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For additional insurance against contamination or infection and to insure a quick start to your fermentation, it is a good idea to make a yeast starter. These are especially effective if you're using a freeze dried yeast or you've harvested a culture from a bottle conditioned beer or a previous brew. It’s not even a bad idea if you're starting with the bigger commercially available yeasts from White Labs or W'yeast. The bigger yeast starter produces a quicker and healthier fermentation.

To make your yeast starter, two or three days before brewing day gather:
  • Glass jug - one quart to a gallon is fine. I use a growler from my local brewpub.
  • Dry Malt Extract - light/dark doesn't matter. There won't be enough to affect your final brew.
  • Small sauce pan and lid
  • Airlock
  • Rubber Stopper that fits your glass jug
  • Sanitizer - I use One Step
  • Small Thermometer - Candy thermometer is perfect
  • Yeast

If you need anything listed here you can find some fine homebrew supply shops on my homebrewing resources page

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