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How to Make a Shandy

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The shandy is a great summertime drink. It's refreshing and couldn't be easier to make. Whether you make your own lemonade or make it from a mix this is a tasty drink.


  • Beer - Wheat beer and light lagers are best
  • Cold Lemonade


Fill a standard pint glass half-way with beer. Fill it the rest of the way with lemonade. Serve.

User Reviews

 5 out of 5
Very good!, Member chickenetti

I just made this with a Shock Top raspberry white beer, it was wonderful. The raspberry flavor was not my favorite in the beer alone, which is why I decided to try it as a shandy. The lemonade mixed well with the beer and the raspberry flavor, so well that I would buy the beer (that I don't like on it's own) just to make the shandy! Thanks!

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