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Good Beer and Good Food Belong Together


Throughout human history beer and food have been inseparable. With its huge diversity of flavors and styles beer pairs easily with many dishes and makes an excellent ingredient in the kitchen. Explore the relationship of beer and food here.
  1. Cooking with Beer
  2. Classic Beer Recipes
  3. Pairing Beer and Food
  4. Beer and Food Books
  5. Beer and the Holiday Table

Cooking with Beer

Using beer in the kitchen is the ultimate marriage of beer and food.

Classic Beer Recipes

Cooking with beer is nothing new. Here are some old favorites.

Pairing Beer and Food

Stout and chocolate; Lambic and salad; Pilsner and Chinese food - good beer and good food just go together. Learn how to taste beer so you'll know what foods to pair it with. And learn a bit from the pros about pairing.

Beer and Food Books

Every good cook has a handful of favorite cookbooks that sit dog-eared and stained in the kitchen. Here are a few books about beer and food worth checking out.

Beer and the Holiday Table

Beer and celebration have always been partners. During the holiday season as friends and family gather nothing can make the occasion perfect better than some really good beer.

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