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What Drinks Pair Well With Dark Chocolate Truffles?


Cabernet Sauvignon
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Question: What Drinks Pair Well With Dark Chocolate Truffles?
Is it possible to improve upon the dark chocolate truffle? About's drinks guides like to think so. Here are our pairing suggestions. We have based our pairings on Elizabeth LaBau's Dark Chocolate Truffles recipe.
  • Cocktails Suggestions:
    As a spirits lover, I have to recommend Elizabeth's suggestion of adding rum to these dark chocolate truffles. Not only does it add a touch of extra sweetness, but a bit more depth that compliments some of the sweeter rums with darker, almost chocolate-like profiles. Then, we get to cocktail pairings, I prefer to go with equally dark, slightly less sweet drinks that refresh the palate after so much sweetness. For this particular pairing I created a new drink, the Burr Pom, which is a mix of bourbon, pomegranate, orange, lime and, for that refresher, ginger ale. Similar suggestions include superiorly refreshing Presbyterian, a delightful Washington Apple, the tequila-based Red Carpet and the classic rum drink, the Bacardi Cocktail.
  • Wine Suggestions:
    Wines to pair with dark chocolate: Can I just say I love dark chocolate? It is by far my favorite form of dessert and for good reason, it will pair perfectly with several favorite red wine and port options. When considering a dark chocolate and wine pairing keep a Zinfandel and a Cabernet Sauvignon as forerunners on your list of pairing partners, both of these varietals have the capacity to bring a dark chocolate up a notch with their slightly bitter, often roasted, mocha nuances that they bring to the table. If you want to venture into a fortified wine category, then grab a Tawny or a Vintage port for perfection with a dark chocolate dessert such as truffles, fondue, and the like.
  • Beer Suggestions:
    It is hard to settle on just one beer to pair with chocolate. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, and beer are such natural partners that almost any random beer can do very nicely with a chunk of chocolate. A creamy stout, a rich barleywine, a malty bock and even a simple Pilsner can elevate and be elevated by good chocolate. And let's not forget the fun of pairing it with a chocolate beer. But I get particularly excited when pairing based on contrasts rather than similarities. So my recommendation for these chocolate truffles is lambic, a sour Belgian ale. Lambics come in a lot of different varieties but the most rewarding here would be the fruit lambics. These are brewed with healthy amounts of raspberries, called framboise lambic, or sour cherries, called kriek lambic. The sweet and sour brew makes for a wonderful contrast to the rich, smooth chocolate and each draws out unexpected flavors in the other.
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