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What Drinks Pair Well With Pulled Pork Barbecue?


Rosé wine
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Question: What Drinks Pair Well With Pulled Pork Barbecue?
Pulled or shredded pork barbecue sandwiches are great anytime but tradition and their casual presentation make them an especial summertime favorite. Their simplicity should not preclude them from some world-class cocktail, wine or beer pairing so here are About's beverage guides' recommendations. These suggestions were inspired by the Pulled Pork Barbecue Recipe from Diana Rattray, About's guide to Southern Food.
  • Wine Suggestions: With this tangy barbecue pork recipe, I'd opt for a refreshing Rosé wine find. Rosé is a versatile wine and can handle just about anything you throw at it - from the salty to the sweet flavors of the sauce itself and all of the onion, pepper, and clove spice in between. Specifically, you might consider the 2006 Montes Cherub Rosé for just $13 a pop.

  • Cocktail Suggestions: The daring, bold flavors of barbecue pork require a refreshing drink filled with light, airy flavors, but ones with a darker spirit base. Aged whiskies and rums are excellent bases for this pairing and when topped with soda, they add freshness to the meal. A few suggestions include the whiskey-based John Collins, Lynchburg Lemonade or the simple Highball. For a rum drink, the Anejo Highball is perfect and a little darker than the others thanks to the ginger beer.

  • Beer Suggestions: Although this is a relatively simple dish to make it has a lot of different flavors. The savory meat, sweet onions and garlic would be enough but the addition of barbecue sauce with, depending on the bottle you choose, tomato, spice, heat and even smoke leaves this recipe bursting with many different tastes and aromas. This plus the fat from the pork leads me to want to pair it with a contrasting flavored beer; a beer with comparable flavors would get lost in the taste of the pork and be little more than just wet. So my pairing choice here is a bright and citrusy American Pale Ale. The strong hops notes will dance with the spices of the barbecue sauce and the malt from the beer will match up with the savory meat while the bright notes of the beer will nicely cleanse the palate.

    Some excellent examples of American Pale Ale include Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Flying Dog Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale. Or check with your local brewpub. Chances are they have a decent pale ale brewed just last week on tap right now.
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