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Brewing Styles and Methods by Region/Country

The world of beer is more varied than it ever has been. Find out about beer production by country and region as well as where the best ingredients are produced.
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  2. Regional Brewing (2)

Italian Craft Beer Renaissance
In 1996, Italy reduced restrictions for lower volume brewing, paving the way for a budding and ambitious market for inventive beers.

The World Atlas of Beer by Tim Webb and Stephen Beaumont
Check out this beautiful new book about beer. It covers regional beer and brewing styles all over the world.

Beer for wine lovers
Can wine lovers really enjoy beer? I think so.

Reputations and preconceptions in the beer world
Don't let reputations and preconceptions get between you and your next favorite beer

Is my beer vegan friendly?
Did you know that some beers aren't vegan friendly? It seems counter-intuitive at first but it's true.

Beer Adjuncts
Four ingredients are necessary to make beer - water, malt, hops and yeast. But there are a lot more things in a lot more beers, aren't there? Let's take a look at the role and variety of beer adjuncts.

Bittering and Flavoring Hops
Understanding how brewers use hops to bitter and flavor their beer.

Growing and Harvesting Hops
A brief overview of growing and harvesting hop vines and hop cones

Why Is Beer Fizzy?
Ever wonder how do bubbles get into beer? Here's what makes beer fizzy.

Beer by Committee
Can a big, publicly held company like Anheuser-Busch develop exciting new beers or does the corporate structure inevitably lead to insipid, watery beers?

QC at A-B
Every wonder how a brewing giant like Anheuser-Busch with multiple breweries all over the world maintains product consistency? Here's how.

Four Ways to Enjoy Mexican Beer for Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo is repidly becoming a popular holiday well-beyond Mexico's borders. Whether or not the further flung celebrantants fully grasp the meaning of May Fifth in Mexico it is becoming something of a St. Patrick's Day for Mexican culture.

Brewers Association
News and information about US based craft brewers.

Beer Activists
Support your local brewery.

CAMRA - Campaign for Real Ale
This British organization campaigns for "good-quality real ale and pubs, as well as acting as the consumer's champion in relation to the UK and European beer and drinks industry."

Beer Me!
This interesting site is trying to catalog all of the breweries in the world.

A few thought about apple cider
Mmm, cider!

Mead, an ancient and elegant drink.

Bottle Conditioning Beer
Bottle conditioning is the process where a beer's residual yeast is given a second helping of sugars, added directly to the bottle, keg, or vessel.

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