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Beer and Brewing by Country

Every beer producing country in the world has put their own disticntive stamp on their brews. Get profiles of beer producing countries and their top styles.
  1. Beer in Germany (2)

Is German beer superior to all other beer?
German brewers have the reputation of being the best beer makers in the world. Is this reputation deserved?

Anchor Brewing Co. Purchased by the Griffin Group
Does this mean the beginning of the end of craft brewing in the US?

Where Can I Find My Favorite Beer? - How to locate a particular beer brand.
Have you been craving a specific beer that you once had in another country or region? Have you been trying to find that certain beer brand to no avail? Here's how to find out if the beer you've been thinking of is available in your area.

Prost! Selling German Beer to Americans
A look at German beer and how to sell it in the American beer market

Traveling the Southwest in Search of Beer and Beer Festivals
Some people may think only of margaritas and watery Mexican beer when they think of the US southwest, but there's a lot more to beer in this region than that. Check out Elizabeth Mitchell's round of southwestern beers and beer venues.

Beer in Spain - Food & Drink in Spain - Ordering a Beer in Spain
Beer in Spain - how to order and which ones to go for.

Reinheitsgebot - A Dissenting View
Not everyone respects this famous German law. Find out why in this irreverent look at one of the world's oldest food laws.

Michael Jackson's Beer Hunting by Country
Master Beer Guru Michael Jackson's beer travels by country.

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