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Serving Beer

Do you know the proper glass you should use to serve a pilsner? How about a stout? Do you know why it matters? Learn about the history and purpose of the various containers used to serve beer from the classic pint glass to that bizarre glass boot you might have seen in a German bar. It's all here plus information about storing beer and building your own a home bar.

What is that stuff in the bottom of my beer bottle?
Beer lovers who are paying attention will sometimes notice a thin, white film in the bottom of their beer bottles. This happens most often with wheat beers which, I suppose, led some of them to assume that it is wheat added to the beer “for flavor.” I have heard that explanation more than once. It is not wheat. It is dead or dormant yeast...

Can I age beer like wine?
Are there vintage beers that can be cellared and aged like wine?

Should I drink beer from a glass?
Is it better to drink a beer from a glass instead of straight from the bottle or can?

Draught Beer Tap Handles
Beer tap handles are ubiquitous fixtures in bars, pubs and restaurants. Here are the different types of handles and how they work.

Review of Spiegelau's Beer Classics Beer Glasses
Is it time that you upgrade your beer drink ware? Here are some elegant glasses that should do the job nicely.

Beer Glassware
Here's a good list of the beer glassware and the styles that go with various beers.

The Glass From Which We Drink
Could it be that the glass from which we drink it is as important as the beer itself? Learn the basics about beer glassware including its care, cleaning, styles, traditions, color, etc.

Beer Glassware and the Head
Why are there so many styles of beer glasses? This article points out the importance of the head and how different styles of glasses enhance their beer styles' heads.

Are you glasses "beer clean?"
Your glass might be clean but is it "beer clean?" Learn how to get to most out of your beer glassware with this article.

When is it okay to drink a beer before noon?
Are there justifiable reasons to have a beer before 5:30? How about before noon? I think I've come up with a few.

Packaging Beer - Kegs vs. Casks
What's the difference between beer served from a keg and beer served from a cask?

Packaging Beer - Bottles vs. Cans
What's the difference between beer served from a bottle and beer served from a can?

Is a pop-top cap better than a screw-top cap?
Are pop-top style beer bottle caps really superior to screw-tops or is that just a bunch of whooie?

What's the best serving temperature for beer?
Some brewers and many beer shops boast that theirs is the coldest beer. Is this really something to brag about?

Growlers, they're cute, adorable and they can hold lots and lots of beer. Here's how to take care of your growler.

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