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Information and FAQs For the About Beer Tasters Panel


No two beer lovers love the same beers and no beer tastes the same to any two beer lovers. I formed the beer tasters panel so readers of About Beer can rate and share their opinions of different beers. Each month these ratings are compiled and the reviews posted in the beer review section

Would you like to join the panel? Just email me at beer@aboutguide.com.

  • Do I get free beer out of this?
    No. In fact it's up to you to find and buy the beer yourself. This panel is for beer lovers that regularly buy different brands of beer or those looking to expand their beer tasting experience. It's not a resource for free beer. (If you know of one let me know, ok?)

  • So, what's in it for me?
    Nothing, really, except my gratitude and perhaps the chance to try a beer or two that you might otherwise not have tried. If you have a website, I’ll be glad to include a link to your site with each review of yours I publish.

  • How does one "taste beers?"
    Funny you should ask. I just happen to have this "how to" article available - How To Taste Beer.

  • That seems like a bit much. How elaborate do these reviews need to be?
    There are no real rules here. I want your honest opinion about the beers. Remember to note the beer’s effect on the four relevant senses: sight (how the beer looks; color, clarity, head, etc), smell, taste, and feel (how does the beer feel in your mouth, for example some wheats can feel silky and stout often feels creamy). Reviewing the beer itself should constitute the majority of the review but if you have any thoughts about the brewery or personal experience with the beer, you’re welcome to share with the reader. Be aware, though, that what you write is exactly what I’ll publish. Naturally, no curse words, hate speech, etc.

  • How will I know what beers to taste?
    At that beginning of each month I email everyone on the beer tasters panel the beers that we’re going to taste. Then you will check for the availability of that beer in your area and if you have access to it and want to taste it, then send me an email with the beers that you are willing to taste. The first five panelist that step up for any given beer will be the panelists for that beer, which I’ll announce to the list. Then you’ll have until the end of the month to buy the beer, taste it, write up your review and submit it. The following month I’ll put together the reviews and publish them on the site.

  • You didn't come close to answering my question. How can I get more information?
    Just drop me a line - beer@aboutguide.com
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