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Tasting Notes and Review of Twang Beer Salt

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The Bottom Line

To be honest I had never heard of beer salt until a few months ago when a Twang representative emailed me. I've since learned a bit about the stuff. The idea seems to have come from the custom of squeezing a bit of lime or lemon in beer and adding a dash of salt which, I'm told, is popular in Mexico. This tradition has translated into the American bartenders' habit of cramming a lime wedge into the neck of any beer with Spanish on the label before handing it to their customer.


  • Adds an Usual Twist to Beer
  • Not Bad with American Lager Styles


  • Very Overpowering


  • Lime flavored beer salt
  • Has remarkably different effects on different beer styles
  • Worth a try but start slow. Add just a bit at a time and see what fits your taste.

Guide Review - Tasting Notes and Review of Twang Beer Salt

I tried Twang at home with two popular Mexican beers - Negra Modelo and Corona Extra.

Negra Modelo
I added one gram of Twang Lime Beer Salt to 12oz. of Modelo. The response was immediate and a little surprising. Where a medium, rapidly falling head had been, a thick rocky head sprang up. It didn't foam over the glass but it certainly rose above the rim. At the same time I was struck by a fairly strong dose of lime aroma. When I really stuck my nose into it I found that the Twang had totally removed any of the sweet, delicate notes of Modelo's nose. Now the lime aroma dominated with some really strange soapy notes. (This soapiness was so perplexing to me that I convinced myself it was due to an improperly rinsed glass. I got another glass and rinsed it with boiling water to make sure. When I mixed the Twang with a fresh Modelo that soapy character remained.) The first taste was very salty. The salt seems to remain in that thick head while the lime character takes over the aroma. It also made the mouthfeel very soft - like water from a freshly charged water softener. While salt dominates the beginning of the sip some sweetness does creep through before hops, greatly accentuated by the Twang, takes over. After that the hops recedes a little to leave a lingering sweet/salt flavor.

To be honest, I really didn't like Twang in Negra Modelo. The lime didn't blend well with Modelo's sweetness and it's striking effect on the mouthfeel was distracting.

Corona Extra
As with Modelo, adding Twang to Corona produced and instant thick head. The aroma was full of lime and lemon drops. The first taste was salty with lime and hops taking over the flavor. With none of the soapy or soft water qualities that I found in Modelo, Twang and Corona was certainly interesting. It adds some zest to an otherwise bland beer.
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