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Beer Polls

Let Your Voice Be Heard in these Beer Polls


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Here's your place to sound off about beer, beer drinking, and homebrewing beer. Check out all of the current polls from About Beer - remember vote early and vote often!
  1. Should employers make beer available at work? Current Results

  2. Would you pay for a beer sample at a brewery? Current Results

  3. What's your favorite summer beer? Current Results

  4. Do you enjoy smoking with a beer? Current Results

  5. How do you prefer to drink beer? Current Results

  6. Why do you drink beer? Current Results

  7. Which limed summer brew do you prefer? Current Results

  8. Do you like slices of citrus with your beer? Current Results

  9. How cold do you like your beer? Current Results

  10. Which Rolling Rock do you prefer? Current Results

  11. What Do You Think of Using Beer as an Ingredient in Mixed Drinks? Current Results

  12. Which Holiday Do You Most Closely Associate With Beer? Current Results

  13. How Much Beer Do You Drink? Current Results

  14. What Is Your Favorite Place To Drink Beer? Current Results

  15. What's Your Favorite German Beer Style? Current Results

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