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Beer Tasting and Drinking

With so many varieties of beer available, it is good to know how to taste a new beer. Beer tastings and festivals are becoming more popular all the time. Learn how to approach a new beer. Also learn about the alcoholic and nutritional nutritional aspects of beer.
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What is the best way to store my beer?
If you are like me, beer does not last very long in your house. But, occasionally, you might find yourself with more beer than can fit in the fridge. So, how do you store beer until some room opens up? Here's how.

Do women like beer?
A lot of people seem to think that this question is already been settled. Women do not like beer. But, is that true? Or maybe it is just that women do not like the bad beer that dominates the market not the way it is sold to them.

Yeah, I just really don’t like beer.
Sometimes people tell me that they just don't like beer. I tell them that they just haven't found the beer they like yet.

How to host a beer dinner
Have you ever thought about hosting your own beer dinner? What kind of beer would you serve? How many people should attend? How should you arrange the pairings? How complicated or simple should your beer choices be? Here are some tips and tricks.

How do I judge beer?
A few thoughts about judging beer and the role of beer styles.

Beer brand loyalty
Beer brand loyalty is one of those things that I completely get but also completely baffles me.

Beer ads
There are a variety of beer ads and commercials out there. Some help beer's reputation and some hurt it but, they are all interesting in their way.

Beer just can't get no respect!
Beer seems to suffer from something of an inferiority complex. Is it deserved or is it just the public perception? Why does beer seem somehow less worthy than wine or a good cocktail?

What is a good beer or beer style for cold weather?
What's a beer lover to do when it's cold outside? Drink a beer, I say!

Free beer
Does free beer actually exist? Well, yes and no...

How can I track down that one special beer?
So, your buddy tried a particular beer and loved it so much that he has convinced you that you must try it. Or, you heard about a new rare beer on BeerAdvocate.com and decided that if you can’t find a bottle of it for yourself, life simply would not be worth living. How can you find that rare beer?

A collection of the menagerie of beer products out there.
A collection of the sometimes strange, sometimes useful, always interesting menagerie of beer products out there.

Hops - Information about the hop cone, brewing with hops and hops in beer styles
Are you a hop-head? Do your knees go a little weak at the aroma of bright, lovely hops in a beer? Here is some hops history, information about growing hop vines and harvesting hop cones, and our favorite hoppy beer styles.

Buying Good Beer on a Budget
Beer budget a little thin these days? Here are some tips buying good beer without breaking your budget.

Beer Book Review - The Beer Journal
Book review of The Beer Journal.

Information and FAQs For the About Beer Tasters Panel
Want to share your opinions about beer? Join the About Beer tasters panel.

Tasting Notes and Review of Twang Beer Salt
Tasting Notes and Review of Twang Beer Salt

Holiday Dinner Pairing
Struggling to figure out which wine goes with your holiday dinner? Dump the wine and try beer this year!

Oktoberfest Beer Tasting - Ten Autumn Beers Tasted at Oktoberfest Beer Tasting
For my ten beers for the fall season, I gathered a panel of 10 to taste my choices.

Beer Polls
Here's your place to sound off about beer, beer drinking, and homebrewing beer. Check out all of the current polls from About Beer - remember vote early and vote often!

Beer Book Review - Three Sheets to the Wind by Pete Brown
Imagine it is your job to travel all over the world drinking beer and hanging out in pubs. This is exactly the job the Pete Brown assigned to himself. Ostensibly it was research for his book - [em]Three Sheets to the Wind[/em] - in which he chronicles the journey and shares his findings. Check out the full my review here.

A Guide to Tasting Beer
Beer tasting can be an interesting and rewarding way to discover new beers. Here's how.

Host a Beer Tasting
Hosting a tasting provides both an opportunity to learn more about beer and a chance to try a wide range of beers you might not otherwise. Here are 10 tips to get you started.

Taste Beer
Here are detailed instructions on tasting a new beer.

Pete Brown's Drunk Words
Here's a great list of hundreds of ways that people have described inebriation.

What is craft beer?
What exactly is craft beer? Is this really the best term for describing the kind of beer we like to drink?

International Bitterness Units

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