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The Basics of Beer


Ready to expand your knowledge of beer? Want to explore some more styles of beer? Curious about the history of beer? Here are the basics.
  1. Beer Styles
  2. Beer History
  3. German Styles
  4. British Styles
  5. Expand Your Knowledge

Beer Styles

Did you know that all beer is either a lager or an ale? This is the most important distinction of beer and all beer styles fall into one of these two categories.

Beer History

Humans have been making beer for longer than recorded history. Some historians even claim that the needs of beer production led to the first human settlements when nomadic hunters had to stay in one place to watch their grain crops. Beer and humanity have been inseparable since.

German Styles

Of all the nations and cultures of the world none other have the reputation for knowing beer like the Germans.

British Styles

For perfectly balanced ales and a long, reverent history with beer look no further that the British Isles.

Expand Your Knowledge

The best way to start to get to know all of the different styles of beer is to just jump in and start tasting.

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