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Beer Styles - Ales, Lagers and beyond

Do you know what makes a stout a stout and a lager a lager? Find the history, tasting notes, profile, food pairing suggestions, ingredients and basic brewer information for beer styles here.
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Summer Beer – Four Styles, Four Brands
Summer is here and we are all looking for that perfect, refreshing beer. But we do not have to sacrifice flavor for refreshment. Here are four tasty beers that are light and refreshing enough to cool down the hot days.

Oktoberfest – A Wedding Anniversary, a Festival, and a Beer Style
Oktoberfest is the world's biggest beer festival. It is also a beer style. But the lager served at the festival is different from Oktoberfest-style beer. How can that be? Here's the story behind Oktoberfest beer.

What exactly is craft beer?
We have been hearing a lot about craft beer lately. What exactly is this stuff and how is it different from regular beer? I attempt to answer that here while working through some of my own issues with the word.

What are hybrid beers?
Hybrid beers are beers that use yeast from one beer style category and the brewing methods from another.

Lawnmower beer styles
What are your favorite lawnmower beer styles?

The many faces of pale beer
Information about and a brief history of pale beer styles

What is extreme beer
What is it that makes beer extreme?

What are Trappist beers?
What is it about Trappist beers? What sets them apart from other beers?

A Word about Chocolate Beer, Chocolate Malt and Chocolaty Beer
Just because a beer is described or even named chocolate by the brewery doesn't necessarily mean that it is a beer with chocolate in it. And, chocolate malt when used in brewing a beer doesn't mean that the beer will taste of chocolate. Here's some clarification about chocolate beer.

Favorite coffee stouts and coffee porters
There is hardly a more natural pairing in the world than beer and the coffee bean. The deep roasted flavors of dark beers stout , Schwarzbier (black lager), porter , doppelbock and others lend themselves perfectly to

Beer Styles 101
All beer is either ale or lager. Find out about this basic distinction here and learn how the other styles fit.

Top Ten Beers Every Beer Lover Should Know
From the About.com guide for beer, here are the top ten beer with which every beer lover should be familiar. Beer novices, here's a good list to use to start exploring different types of beers. Beer snobs, check out this list then voice your opinion at the end.

Quick Beer Styles List from homebrewandbeer.com
Excellent and succinct rundown of beer styles.

Brewers Association World Beer Cup
Best of the best for every style imaginable. See if your favorite brewery got a ribbon.

How many different kinds of beer are there?
How many beer styles are there and why do there seem to be so many?

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