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Chocolate Beer

Recommendations of some favorite chocolate beers


If you've had beer and chocolate together, you already know what a beautiful partnership it can be. Brewers have known about the natural relationship of beer and chocolate for a long time and there are a number of great chocolate beers available. Here are some favorite brews made with this popular beer adjunct.

Young's Double Chocolate Stout

carlp778 @ flickr

This is the first chocolate beer I ever tried and it has remained a favorite.  The beer perfectly balances what's good about chocolate and stout into this classy beer. 

Chocolate Tom

carlp778 @ flickr

A malty character from the base beer recipe, vanilla and cocoa come together to produce a beer reminiscent of an extra chocolaty glass of chocolate milk.  This brew is also a stand-out chocolate beer because it is a blend of chocolate and strong ale, instead of porter or stout like most.  Definitely worth tracking down and spending some time with this one.

Oscar's Chocolate Oatmeal Stout - Sand Creek Brewing

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Oatmeal stout and a handful of dark, bitter chocolate together?  Brilliant!  With loads of oatmeal in this brew, expect a cereal-y quality and silky mouthfeel blended with bitter chocolate and the deep, roasty flavors of stout.

Sexual Chocolate - Foothills Brewing

Foothills Brewing

This is the big beer lover's chocolate beer.  Imperial stouts are huge beers with heaps of flavor and aroma not to mention extra alcohol.  Add chocolate to the mix and you have a truly decadent beer.

Chocolate Beer - Meantime Brewing

Meantime Brewing

This porter style chocolate beer leans more to the sweet than the bitter.  If you are a milk chocolate kind of chocolate lover, this may be the chocolate beer for you.

Cherry Chocolate Beer - O'Fallon Brewery

O'Fallon Brewery

It's surprising that more breweries don't make a fruit/chocolate beer.  Do you like chocolate covered cherries?  Then this is definitely the brew for you.

Chocolate Indulgence - Ommegang Brewery


Belgian dark chocolate and Belgian ale?  No wonder they call this one indulgence.  This beer balances the natural sweet and funky nature of Belgian ale with dark chocolate flavors. 

Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti - Great Divide Brewing

Great Divide Brewing

This is another imperial stout chocolate beer meaning it's big on flavor and alcohol.  Add oak aging and even a bit of cayenne pepper and you have a beer that needs to be on your must-taste list.

Chocolate Stout - Rogue


This is a beer geek's chocolate beer.  True to form, this west coast brewed stout doesn't skimp on the Cascade hops.  The result is a very nice, American style stout with chocolate added.

Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock - Boston Beer

carlp778 @ flickr

I love the idea of a chocolate bock beer.  With a sweet malt flavor and added vanilla, this beer definitly takes on a milk chocolate quality.  Add that to a crisp lager character and this is definitely a beer to try at least once.

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