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Beer Recommendations - Top Ten Beers, Seasonal Beer Picks, etc.

You can find all of your About Beer guide's picks and recommendations for top ten beers, regional beer picks, and seasonal beer choices collected here.

Holiday Gifts for Beer Lovers
The beer lover's top ten holiday gifts and stocking stuffers list, from gift baskets and beer clubs to bottle openers and homebrew kits.

Autumn Beer
Autumn is upon us and with it come some great autumn seasonal ales. A couple you should definitely check out this year are Buffalo Bill's Pumpkin Ale and Abita's Pecan Harvest Ale.

Rare and extravagant beer gifts
Looking for the extra-special gift for the beer lover in your life? Here are some unique and extraordinary gifts that are sure to make your beer lover feel loved.

Readers' Choice Awards for beer
Let's settle this once and for all. (At least until next year!) What is the best brewery, brew pub, beer and beer book of 2010

What is your favorite beer?
Got a favorite beer? Tell us all about it.

Favorite Chocolate Beer - Tell us about your favorite chocolate beer
Chocolate beer - you either love it or you've never tried it. Got a favorite chocolate beer? Tell us about it.

Chocolate Beer
If you've had beer and chocolate together, you already know what a beautiful partnership it can be. Brewers have known about the natural relationship of beer and chocolate for a long time and there are a number of great chocolate beers available. Here are some favorites. A word about what it means to be a chocolate beer.

Romancing the Stein
Does beer have any place in a romantic dinner or as part of a special occasion like St. Valentine's Day or an anniversary? Absolutely and here's why.

Beer Pairings for the Four Basic Food Groups of the Super Bowl Party
Pairing a beer style with each of these four basic party food groups should go a long way to improving Super Bowl Party beer selections. I don't know about you but I'm tired of showing up to find nothing available but watery light lager that has no business trying to stand up to powerfully flavored foods like hot. Here are some beers worthy...

Looking for a good beer club? Here are some comparisons.
Thinking of signing up for a beer of the month program? Here's a comparison guide of a few of the beer clubs out there.

Beer Person of the Month, October 2009
A short interview with James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog.

What is the Best Beer?
From time to time I get asked what is the best beer. I used to find it an impossible question to coherently respond to until I came up with this answer. The best beer is the one brewed closest to you.

Favorite Spring Beer
Although there are only a couple of beer styles particularly associated with springtime there are a great many more that just seem to taste better during springtime months. What are you favorite spring time beers?

What is your favorite German beer?
Here are ten significant styles of German beer. What is your favorite German beer?

Spring Beer
Looking for some spring beer suggestions? Here are some styles specifically associated with springtime and some others that just seem to taste better during spring.

Top Ten Beers Every Beer Lover Should Know
From the About.com guide for beer, here are the top ten beer with which every beer lover should be familiar. Beer novices, here's a good list to use to start exploring different types of beers. Beer snobs, check out this list then voice your opinion at the end.

Get to Know German Beers - Top Ten Beers
Quick, name five different kinds of German beer! Not brands but styles. If you had to think on that one you should check out this list of top ten beers and beer styles from Germany.

Picks and Recommendations for Beer and Your Super Bowl Party
Picks and Recommendations for Beer and Your Super Bowl Party

Top Ten Gifts For Beer Lovers
Stumped for a gift for the beer lover on your list? Here are ten suggestions every beer lover would be delighted to receive.

Thai Beer - Local Beer Recommendations from About's Guide to Thailand
Thai beer recommendations from About's Guide to Thailand.

Ten Winter and Holiday Beer Recommendations
Ten beer recommendations for your wintertime and holiday celebrations.

Autumn Beer Recommendations - Top Ten Beers for Autumn
Beer guide recommendations for autumn tippling.

Oktoberfest Beer Tasting - Ten Autumn Beers Tasted at Oktoberfest Beer Tasting
For my ten beers for the fall season, I gathered a panel of 10 to taste my choices.

Top Ten Summer Brews
Summertime is no time for the dark, chewy beers that many beer lovers prize. Here are some light, refreshing beers that still have enough flavor to keep the most discerning of beer snobs interested.

Black Beer Friday
Stressed out by Black Friday? Hate shopping? Relax, have a black brew. It's Black Beer Friday1!

Readers Choice Awards - Beer
The polls are closed!

Christmas beer
Ready for some jolly and joyful beer styles? 'Tis the seasonal!

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