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Tasting Notes and Review of Beck's Dark

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Beck's Dark Label

The Bottom Line

Since "dark" isn't a generally recognized style I wasn't really sure what to expect with this beer. Was I got was a rather unimaginative brown lager.


  • Very drinkable
  • Nice roasted flavors


  • A little thin


  • German imported beer
  • Drinkable
  • Enjoyable but hardly noteworthy

Guide Review - Tasting Notes and Review of Beck's Dark

Beck's Dark isn't as dark as one might imagine. It pours with a dense brown head that produces some nice lacing. The body is a clear brown/copper color - a shade darker than an Oktoberfest beer. Its nose is subtle with some malty sweet notes. Its flavor is pleasant but not remarkable with notes of roasted nuts and a sweet malt character that gives way to a lingering hoppiness. Very drinkable.
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