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Shiner Bock - Tasting Notes and Review of Shiner Bock

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Shiner Bock
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The Bottom Line

The label says, "Bock beer was traditionally brewed in Germany to celebrate the arrival of spring. Shiner Bock combines its old-world, Bavarian heritage with the ingenuity of American handcraft brewing for a smooth, rich, always satisfying taste." I'm not sure about that interpretation of bock history. And as far as "rich," well I really can't go along with that either. This is, however, a very approachable beer. It has many devoted fans and as one of the few American brews labelled bock, I wanted to try it for myself.


  • Nice Head


  • Too Sweet
  • No Depth


  • One of Very Few American Bocks
  • Sweet
  • Won Bronze Medals at Both the Great American Beer Festival and the Australian International Beer Awards.

Guide Review - Shiner Bock - Tasting Notes and Review of Shiner Bock

Shiner Bock has a tan dense medium head that leaves a nice quilt down the sides of the glass as the beer is drunk. Its body is clear with a copper/amber color. The aroma is very sweet, almost sugary, without the typical maltiness normally associated with this much sweetness. This it probably due to the corn used in the recipe. The taste is equally sweet without much depth and very little hops; certainly not enough to provide a good balance. It has a thin mouthfeel and is very effervescent so there's a slight sting on the tongue from the carbonation.

This sweetness, though is embraced by Shiner. Their website says of their bock that its taste is without the "excessive bitterness that characterizes many micro, specialty and imported beers." This may very well appeal to drinkers that want something more interesting than the light lager of the megabreweries but don't care for the bitterness of a lot of the craft beer out there.

Personally, I find it cloying after only a few drinks. It would, however, make a very good beer to pair with Mexican cuisine or seafood including sushi.

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