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Standard Lager Tasting Notes and Review

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Standard Lager Tasting Notes and Review

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The Bottom Line

Lemp makes a respectable attempt at recapturing their pre-Prohibition glory.


  • Full flavored, golden lager


  • A bit too sweet


  • First beer produced under the Lemp name in years
  • Pre-Prohibition style beer
  • Full flavored lager

Guide Review - Standard Lager Tasting Notes and Review

Lemp Brewery is an old St. Louis institution. At one time the brewery was bigger than Anheuser-Busch! It closed quite a while ago but recently reopened as a microbrewery. To get the full story, check out my blog entry.

The Standard Lager is clear and golden in appearance, a shade darker than the standard straw color of Pilsner. The head is white, small and brief. The nose holds lots of promise with a subtle sweet fruitiness that makes you wonder if perhaps this is a mislabeled ale. The Lager's flavor doesn't break that promise with sweet, full flavor and a grainy finish. The hops are rather lighter than I would have expected but they still offer a decent balance. Overall, this is a very nice beer; what I would imagine many pre-Prohibition lagers were like.
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