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Hoegaarden White Beer Tasting Notes and Review

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Hoegaarden White Beer Tasting Notes and Review

The Bottom Line

Hoegaarden is the original Belgian white beer. It is best enjoyed as close to the brewery as possible as this is a beer that doesn't travel well. But it is still worth a taste wherever you find it.


  • The Original Belgian White
  • Refreshing
  • Easy to drink


  • Doesn't travel well
  • Hard to find
  • Often poorly imitated


  • The original Belgian White
  • Light, refreshing wheat.
  • Wonderful summer ale.

Guide Review - Hoegaarden White Beer Tasting Notes and Review

Hoegaarden is the modern day original Belgian white. There are a number of imitators but none have really attained the perfect balance of sublety and complexity that Hoegaarden makes seem so simple. I first had this beer in a cafe in Maastricht, Holland. It was a truly memorable experience. This beer was a revelation to me and, in some ways, was responsible for my ongoing fascination with beer.

I was pleased to find a bottle of Hoegaarden at my local grocery store recently and I snatched it up. Unfortunately I learned that it doesn't travel very well. Where that beer that I had in Holland was complex and rich in flavor the bottle that found me in Missouri had lost a lot. Nevertheless it is still a nice beer but if you have a chance try it as close to the source in Belguim as possible.

I'm sad to say that I wasn't keeping tasting notes when I had that first one in Holland so I can only share my notes on Hoegaarden with jet lag. In appearance it is perfect. It has a thick, rocky head that piles high above the rim of the glass. The beer is very pale, lighter in color than Pilsner, and cloudy. The cloudiness contributes a whiteness to the appearance, thus the name. The nose is full of fresh hops with some grains and yeast. It has a thin mouthfeel. Bananas and cloves are immediately evident in the flavor with a sweet and spicy finish. It is a wonderfully refreshing beer.
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