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Tasting notes and review of Redhook Pilsner

Redhook's first lager


Tasting notes and review of Redhook Pilsner
Somehow I missed this. Back in the summer of 2010, Redhook introduced its first lager, this Pilsner. This is just the sort of thing that would grab my attention, just like when Spoetzl introduced its first ale. I am always interested when a brewery ventures into new territory.

Redhook is one of the grand old men of the craft beer revolution. The brewery stuck by the ales that put it on the map and, while the brewers there played around with all different kinds of ales, they never strayed into lager territory. So, when I got an email from Redhook's marketing folks promoting this Pilsner as a good Super Bowl beer, I had to ask how long this had been going on and why had no one told me. They explained that after that one off, seasonal launch of their Pilsner, customer response was so strong that they now have it in their regular line. And, they kindly sent me a few bottles for tasting.

Notes and reveiw

This Pilsner pours with a medium straw color. The white head is weak and falls fairly quickly. The nose is subtle with notes of a grainy sweetness and no detectable hops. The flavor tends toward sweetness with a strong hops bitterness coming through in the end. The mouthfeel and the beer is generally soft and puts me in mind of Bohemian style Pilsners while that hops wack in the middle of the drink reminds me of German Pils. Interesting.

This is an enjoyable beer, certainly a good choice for trying to wean someone off pale lagers. The odd mix of softness and aggressive ending hops keeps me coming back for more.

One more thing about this beer, well, all Redhooks beers now. The bottles the brewery is using now are something new. They are somehow stubby and beefy at the same time. This isn't something I usually look at, perhaps because most bottles are the same, but these are definitely remarkable.
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