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About Beer's Panel Review and Tasting Notes for Pyramid Thunderhead IPA

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating
User Rating 2 Star Rating (1 Review)


About Beer's Panel Review and Tasting Notes for Pyramid Thunderhead IPA
What the Brewery Says...
"Pyramid India Pale Ale has the distinctively hoppy flavor and aroma craft beer enthusiasts demand. Abundant helpings of Columbus hops gives this ale an astonishing 67 IBU's - truly a beer for bold tastes!"

Do About Beer's panelists agree?
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Mike - 3.5 out of 5

Color is a medium brown. Head varied on how I poured, sparse when poured down the side of the glass, overflowing when poured straight in. Aroma is pleasant. Mouth feel is smooth and silky. Overall, a good IPA. I could name a couple I like better.

HikinTech - 3.5 out of 5

Poured well with good carbonation. Golden brown with some haze. Decent off white head and retained - OK. Good lacing on glass. Aroma - not much here. Could smell a slight pine smell and not as much hops as expected. Taste = I feel the balance is a little off, but still pretty drinkable. Has a medium body and little to none aftertaste. Overall = In my opinion all of Pyramid breweries beers are good, and you can't good wrong with them; they are all drinkable, but they are just not the best out there. I enjoyed drinking this beer and will buy it again some time in the future.

JOesterm 3.5 out of 5

The beer pours a pale amber color and has a slightly sweet hoppy aroma. Not overpowering to the nose but definitely there. The taste includes the typical hop flavors of citrus and pine. The hop profile is not overwhelming to the taste, but a good balance between hops and the malt finish. This was a good beer on a hot day and with a mid-range ABV one could drink a few to take the edge off a hot afternoon.

Kyle Sanders - 3.5 out of 5

Honey colored with minimal head and moderate carbonation.

This is a well-balanced beer with plenty of malt to counter the hops – more so than most IPAs. There is a strong hop bite up-front and the hops do dominate, but do not over-power, and leave a clean finish. I tasted some honey and strong grapefruit flavors – especially in the finish. This is an enjoyable, very drinkable beer.

However, I believe the hops in some of the better IPAs do not present such a harsh bitterness. I’d rather a lower alpha hop be used in larger quantities. I’d also prefer a stronger hop aroma to round out this beer. Both observations were made in two separate sessions about two weeks apart.

Overall, I consider this one of the better American IPAs I’ve tried, but it is not among the best-in-class.
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