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Beer and Brewpub Review for Harmon Brewery & Restaurant

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Beer and Brewpub Review for Harmon Brewery & Restaurant

© Bryce Eddings

Located in downtown Tacoma, Harmon Brewery and Restaurant is distinctive for its big grain silo out front.

The Restaurant

Harmon serves pretty typical pub fair - burgers, pizza, some fish - for mid to high prices. The atmosphere is relaxed with indoor and outdoor seating as well as a bar. The staff is friendly and enthusiastic about the beer made there and, though they couldn't answer all of my questions, they have a pretty good working knowledge of Harmon's ales. This might seem a little silly to note but that's not always the case in some brewpubs.

The Beer

© Bryce Eddings

In a lot of ways Harmon is a typical brewpub. They only brew ales. They have a selection of beers that are available year round: blonde ale, pale ale, ESB, porter, and an IPA. They also brew an ever changing list of seasonals. When they design these they aren't afraid to try some unusual brews - some of which succeed and some that don't.

I tasted a number of the beers they had on tap. With a few exceptions their beers are full flavored and well crafted. They've created a truly outstanding IPA that makes this brewpub a must visit for any beer lover in the area.

Check out the complete review of each of the beers tasted here.
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