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Golden Wing Blonde Ale from Finch's Beer Co. - tasting notes and review

What the brewer says:

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


According to Finch's website, "is an easy drinking and approachable American craft beer. It has a moderately sweet malty aroma and is deep gold in color. We like to think of this particular one as more of a 'Dirty Blonde.'"

I am not entirely clear how "Dirty Blonde" applies but, it is a cute little joke so we will let it pass.

I will be honest with you. Beers with "blonde" or "golden" in their names tend to bore me and this one has them both. That and phrases like "moderately sweet" in the promotional material did not have me very excited about this beer. Let's see how it does.

Tasting notes:

This ale pours with a medium, dense white head. The body is crystal clear and dark straw, eh, golden in color. The nose is almost none existent with, perhaps, a touch of vague sweetness. Or maybe that's just what I was expecting. The flavor is surprising hoppy with hops dominating over a soft, grainy bed. The bitterness that begins from the first sip holds on throughout the drink and leaves a distinct, lingering bitter taste on the sides of my tongue.


My first thought was, critically, this might be a bit bitter for the style. It is certainly the hoppiest golden blonde I have ever encountered. My second thought was, you know, this is not bad. I doubt this blondie and I will ever be best friends but we could maybe hang out an evening or two. It certainly has taught me to not be quite so repulsed at "golden" and "blonde."

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