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Angry Orchard Hard Cider - Crisp Apple tasting notes and review

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Angry Orchard Crisp Apple
adambarhan/Flickr/CC BY 2.0
According to Angry Orchard's fact sheet, Crisp Apple is a "fruit-forward cider" that "mixes the sweetness of apples with a subtle dryness." Let's see how that holds up.

Tasting notes:

Crisp Apple pours very clean with a crystal clear, dark yellow body. It is effervescent with a powerful smell of apples jumping out of the glass. The flavor is nice, tart and not nearly as cloying as I thought it might be after reading the fact sheet.


May I have another, sir? I am a big fan of ciders. I am as likely to grab a bottle of fermented apple juice during the hot summer months as I am to choose beer. This cider has more round apple flavors than some of the other widely distributed ciders. It manages to be dry and fruity at the same. Very nice.
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