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Angry Orchard Hard Cider - Apple Ginger tasting notes and review

From the cidery:

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The fact sheet that Angry Orchard sent me with the samples describes Apple Ginger as "unlike any cider you've had before." It explains that "the fresh Nigerian ginger and apple flavors blend together for a sweet, yet slightly tart, taste with a distinct ginger aroma and warm finish." Let's see if it holds up to the hype.

Tasting notes:

Like the other Angry Orchard ciders, Apple Ginger pours with a gorgeous, clear, dark yellow body. There is some ginger playing around in the nose but not as much as I expected. The flavor is also a little surprising. Apple is the dominate flavor; the ginger is not as distinct as it often is in beers brewed with ginger. The flavor is round and smooth with the ginger taking some of the edge off the dry bite.


Apple Ginger was the most surprising of Angry Orchards ciders. With the full, aggressive dryness of the other ciders, I expected a big, in your face, ginger presence. Instead, I found an artfully blended drink wherein the ginger is used to compliment the natural cider flavors. Angry Orchard was not kidding when they promised that this is not like any cider I have had before. It is not something that I am going to drink everyday but I have no doubt that many a six pack of this cider will find its way to my refrigerator.
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