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Ale is the oldest kind of beer. Study the different styles from pale ale to stout and everything in between here. You'll find tasting notes, style history and examples of some of the best brews available.
  1. Barley Wine (1)
  2. India Pale Ale (1)
  3. Pale Ale (4)
  4. Porter (1)
  5. Stout (2)
  6. Wheat Beer (2)

Brown ale style profile
Information about brown ale including history, style points and tasting notes.

Lambic Beer Profile
Would you like to know what a lambic beer is? Check out this profile of lambic Belgian ale.

Winter Warmer Profile
What exactly is a winter warmer? You see it on beer labels all the time but the bottle could contain a rich malty lager, a spicy ale or a super hoppy beer.

Saison Profile
Saison ale profiled here.

Know Your Ales
Know your ales! Here is a quick run down of popular ale styles from Hefe-Weizen to Barleywine.

Wild about mild
Mild ale is growing in popularity in both the US and the UK.

What is the difference between Scottish and Scotch ale?
Do you know the difference between Scottish ale and Scotch ale?

Pale Ale


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