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Meat & Beer Recipes - About.com
The connection between meat and beer goes way beyond the backyard barbeque. Check out these recipes for meat dishes that contain beer.
Cooking With Beer Recipes - Home Cooking - About.com
Cooking with Beer Recipes - recipes using beer as an ingredient.
Beer, Ginger Beer, and Root Beer Mixed Drink Recipes - Cocktails
A collection of recipes that include beers and other 'beers' including root beer and ginger beer.
Mussels Steamed in Beer Easy Recipe - American Food - About.com
This is one of the easiest shellfish recipes ever! The mussels are quickly steamed in an aromatic beer broth, and in just a few minutes you're ready to eat.
Cooking with Beer Tips and Hints - Home Cooking - About.com
Dark beer, such as stout and porter, have a much stronger flavor than a light Pilsener. A good recipe using beer will have a distinctively light, not dominating ...
Beer Recipes - Cooking with Beer Recipes
Baked goods using beer have a more moist texture and a longer shelf life. Learn more about Cooking with Beer and try one of these beer recipes.
Crockpot Beef Cubes and Beer Recipe - Southern Food - About.com
Crock Pot recipes for beef, ground beef, and lamb. This recipe is made with beef, beer and garlic.
Steamed Clams with Bacon and Beer Recipe - Home Cooking
Bacon, onion, garlic, and beer flavor the sauce for steamed clams.
Beer n' Butter Poultry Injection Marinade - Recipe
Use this marinade to reach deep into the meat of poultry. It works really well on turkey. Make sure the mixture is warm to keep the butter in liquid form.
Crockpot Steak and Potatoes with Beer Recipe - Southern Food
Crockpot steak and potatoes are slow cooked with beer, spices, and onion soup mix, along with other ingredients. A tasty steak and potato recipe for the ...
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