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Your Beer and Psychographics

By November 3, 2009

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What does your choice in beer say about you? I like to think that if I'm drinking a particular beer at a particular time it only says that this is the beer that I'm in the mood to drink.

Apparently not.

As reported over at Advertising Age a recent study by the market researchers at Mindset Media shows that the brand and type of beer that we choose - or choose not - to drink places us in specific statistical categories. For example, Bud drinkers are 42% more likely to drive pick-ups, Corona drinkers are 92% more likely to buy recycled products and craft beer lovers are 52% more likely to be fans of the sitcom The Office. (No mention of whether they mean the original British series or the new US version.)

Of course, these are statistics so not everyone will fit the form. But it's still interesting stuff. Makes me wonder if I've been wrong to rail against beer marketers all these years who are selling a lifestyle and not a product. But then there I go thinking like a typical craft beer drinker, being all open-minded and intellectually curious and stuff!


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