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Lemp's Back, Baby!

By April 30, 2006

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St. Louis beer lovers will wonder where I've been when I say this but I just found out that the name Lemp is back in the brewing world. Though only distributed in Illinois and Missouri, far from the dominance it once enjoyed, I'd say that this is one to watch.

If you don't remember Lemp you'll probably remember its most popular beer, in the twentieth century at least, Falstaff. I've never had a Falstaff but I've been told that it was a standard American mega-brewery style pilsner - low on flavor and heavy on distribution.

But let's look back a little further. The pre-Prohibition Lemp legacy is certainly one to respect. It is said that Adam Lemp, the brewery's founder, was the first brewer to bring lager to the United States. Though this claim is hard to verify there is no disputing that he was certainly one of the first It is well documentated that he was brewing lager and ageing it in St. Louis caves as early as 1842. Lemp would later become the first brand to enjoy nation-wide distribution. Another interesting distinction held by Lemp beer is that it was the first brew to be delivered by airplane. For a more detailed look at Lemp's history read: William J. Lemp Brewing Company: A Tale of Triumph and Tragedy in St. Louis, Missouri

Living not to far from St. Louis myself, I was aware of the Lemp legacy but I wasn't aware that they'd reopened. According to their website, www.lempbeer.com, Steve DeBellis, the holder of the Lemp Beer trademark, joined forces with Nick Riggio, Jr. and James Schulte in 2003 to revive the Lemp Brewery. In 2004 they introduced their Standard Lager and later a Dunkelweiss, Jurassic Dark - the name referring to the lagering caves originally used by Adam Lemp.

I happened upon both one day tucked away on the bottom shelf in my local grocery store's beer isle. I grabbed both six packs and rushed them home. I'm happy to report that both are very respectable beers. Check out my reviews for Standard Lager and Jurassic Dark.


February 6, 2008 at 11:44 am
(1) Mari says:

Lemp Beer is also now sold at our store in Oklahoma….It is ok, but for me I thought it was a bit “sweet”. The history of the Lemp family and their mansion is fascinating reading which I only started looking into after we brought in their beer. In fact, it is so spooky I will probably get goose bumps now every time I walk past the stack in our store, lol.

July 10, 2008 at 9:58 am
(2) Steve says:

Wher can I purchase Lemp Beer over the internet and have it shipped to me? I work for m.Lemp Jewelers in Syracuse and would love to buy it for mr. Lemp, since this is the same Lemp familly responsible for the original Lemp beer.


July 18, 2008 at 7:23 pm
(3) Ken lempp says:

My grandfather told me about the Missouri Lemps 40 years ago. It wasn’t until the internet and the Travel Channel that I found out the stories were all true. I am very interested in trying the beer and visiting the Masnsion. I’m told we are related and am curios about that part of the family.

December 13, 2009 at 4:27 pm
(4) John Tierney says:

Is this the original recipe or is it their interpretation of a pre prohibition beer??

Anyone know?

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